The Stand Audiobook

The Stand Audiobook

What is The Stand audiobook about?

The Stand audiobook depicts a post-apocalyptic society in which survivors must reconstruct civilization from the ground up. One group unites around an old female prophet, while another supports a dictatorial tyrant named Randall Flagg. The battle between the forces of light and darkness allows the story to address topics such as how to construct an ideal society, the cyclical endurance of evil, and the need of standing up to it.

As The Stand audiobook begins, a soldier and his family leave a government facility that has become infected with an antigen virus designed for use as a biological weapon. This virus ends up killing more than 99 % of the people in the U.S. After the first outbreak, a small group of survivors begins to seek out and join together. They all have recurring dreams about a terrifying dark guy and a benign elderly black lady who tells them to travel to Nebraska to find her.

In The Stand audiobook, the elderly lady’s name is Abagail, and she thinks God has given her a purpose to gather all the survivors in Boulder, Colorado, in preparation for a showdown with the dark man. Across the Rockies in Las Vegas, a demonic monster known as Randall Flagg is putting together his own faction. Flagg aims to eliminate everyone who stands in his way and take over the world.

In The Stand audiobook free, Abagail orders four men to trek to Las Vegas to face Flagg. They will very probably perish as a consequence but they all had faith in Abagail’s vision. The Stand audiobook free concludes with the deaths of three men but their courage to fight the forces of darkness is rewarded by the expulsion of Flagg and the restoration of peace to what remains of the human community.

Who is the author of The Stand audiobook?

Stephen King wrote The Stand audiobook.

Stephen Edwin King was born on September 21, 1947. He’s a thriller, supernatural fantasy, thriller, mystery, and science-fiction novelist from the United States. King wrote 62 fiction novels and 5 non-fiction works, seven of which he wrote under the pen name Richard Bachman. He also authored over 200 short tales, most of which have appeared in anthologies.

In Lisbon Falls, Maine, King joined Durham Elementary School and eventually graduated from Lisbon Falls High School in 1966. As an enthusiastic fan of EC horror comics, particularly Stories from the Crypt, he showed an interesting aspect in terror. He subsequently paid respect to the comics in his script for Creepshow. During his school days, he started writing for pleasure, writing articles for Dave’s Rag newspaper. He also started selling fiction-based stories on movies he saw to his friends but when his teacher found about it he returned all the profits.

Bram Stoker Awards, World Fantasy Awards, and British Fantasy Society Awards have all been bestowed onto King. The National Book Foundation honoured him with the Award for Contribution to American Letters in 2003. He has also garnered honours for his contributions to writing throughout his career, including the 2004 World Fantasy Award for Major Accomplishment and the Mystery Writers of America’s Grand Master Award in 2007. He received a National Award of Arts from the National Endowment for the Arts in 2015 for his contributions to writing. He’s been labelled the “King of Horror”. He is 73 years old and lives in Maine with his wife Tabitha King.

Who is the narrator of The Stand audiobook?

The narrator of The Stand audiobook is Grover Gardner. Other audiobooks that Grover Gardner has also narrated are The Richest Man in Babylon, News of the World, and Defending Jacob.

What is the length of The Stand audiobook?

The length of The Stand audiobook is 47 hours and 47 minutes.

When was The Stand audiobook published?

Random House Audio published The Stand audiobook on 02/14/12.