The Vanishing Half Audiobook

The Vanishing Half Audiobook

What is The Vanishing Half audiobook about?

The Vanishing Half audiobook is a family story that follows twin sisters, Stella and  Desiree from the 1940s through the 1990s. It explores the thorny topics of ethnic discrimination and hatred, as well as the devastating consequences of secrets as well as dishonesty.

In The Vanishing Half audiobook, Stella and Desiree are twin sisters who were born in the 1950s in the small Louisiana town of Mallard. Mallard’s residents are all light black-skinned. People are cautious of black individuals, believing that their colour of the skin is closer to white than that of black people. When kids are lighter-skinned as compared to their parents, it’s a sign of success, and both of them have attained that goal. Their father died when they were young, and their mother began cleaning the houses to pay the expenses.

In the Vanishing Half audiobook, Stella flees from her house to create her world. She left a letter for her twin, Desiree. Desiree married a Black guy and had a kid, Jude. Whereas, Stella married a white guy and had a daughter, Kennedy. When the sisters reunite at the conclusion of the story, they both observe how much they have transformed over the years. At the very same time, their mom, who suffers from memory lapses, therefore, has a disordered notion of time, sees her daughter as they have always been.

The Vanishing Half audiobook free explores their lives over generations, showing how their paths diverge yet stay interwoven. It’s a controversial but sensitive tale that delves into the complexities of family, colour, and identity. The Vanishing Half audiobook free addresses the lingering significance of the old days as it moulds a person’s choices, wants, and ambitions, and highlights some reasons and contexts in which individuals feel compelled to live as someone besides their ancestors.

Who is the author of The Vanishing Half audiobook?

Brit Bennett wrote The Vanishing Half audiobook.

Brit Bennett was born in the year 1989/1990. She is a Los Angeles-based American author. Her first book, The Mothers, released in 2016 became a New York Times best-seller. Her second book, The Vanishing Half, was a New York Times best-seller. It was also picked as a Good Morning America Book Club selection in 2020. The NY Times has named The Vanishing Half as one of the ten finest books of 2020.

Bennett grew up in Southern California and studied at Stanford University with a bachelor’s in English. She went on to get her M.F.A. at the University of Michigan. She also went to Oxford University to study. Bennett wrote an essay in 2014 for Jezebel,  which she wrote while pursuing her M.F.A. It received a lot of attention, with over 1 million views within 3 days. She also received a Hopwood Award and the Hurston/Wright Award.

Bennett was recognised by the National Book Foundation’s 5 under 35 list of outstanding debut writers. In 2017, it was announced that Warner Bros. has picked up The Mothers for a screenplay, under the production of Kerry Washington. Within few weeks of the publication of The Vanishing Half, HBO had bought the rights to create a short series based on the novel, with the writer serving as the executive producer.

Who is the narrator of The Vanishing Half audiobook?

The narrator of The Vanishing Half audiobook is Shayna Small. Other audiobooks that Shayna Small has also narrated are All the Stars and Teeth, What Was the March on Washington?, and Dead Dead Girls.

What is the length of The Vanishing Half audiobook?

The length of The Vanishing Half audiobook is 11 hours and 34 minutes.

When was The Vanishing Half audiobook published?

Penguin Audio published The Vanishing Half audiobook on 06/02/20.