Things Fall Apart Audiobook

Things Fall Apart Audiobook

What is Things Fall Apart audiobook about?

Things Fall Apart audiobook follows the life of Okonkwo, a Nigerian guy. Okonkwo resides in a group of nine villages. A council of elders governs the villages. Okonkwo is a well-respected leader in his village. He is also a champion wrestler. The guilt over his father, who died with a lot of bills unpaid and whom Okonkwo saw as excessively feminine, motivated his roles as a wrestler and leader.

In Things Fall Apart audiobook, when a man from a nearby village murders one of Okonkwo’s community’s women, a peace agreement compels the guy’s son to go to Okonkwo’s village. Okonkwo adopts the youngster and the two form a deep relationship.

Unfortunately, they decided to murder the boy. Ezeudu, one of the village elders, tells Okonkwo not to help kill the boy. He was determined not to come across as a coward, especially given his father’s legacy. In Things Fall Apart audiobook, Okonkwo murders the child with a machete. After the boy dies, Okonkwo inadvertently murders Ezeudu’s son when the boy dies. To please the gods, the community decides he shall spend seven years in exile for his transgression.

In Things Fall Apart audiobook free, White missionaries come into the village during his banishment. When Okonkwo arrives, the white guys have completely taken over his community. Okonkwo assists in the destruction of a Christian church, as a result, white authorities arrested him.

In Things Fall Apart audiobook free, some residents, notably Okonkwo, are considering staging an insurrection against the village. He even assassinates a white man. He then notices that the neighbouring villages have changed too much. They will not fight back against the white guys. Okonkwo hangs himself after receiving no more assistance from his people. His world has fallen apart.

Who is the author of Things Fall Apart audiobook?

Chinua Achebe wrote Things Fall Apart audiobook.

Chinua Achebe was born on November 16, 1930, in Nigeria. He was a Nigerian writer, poet, and critic who is often regarded as the most influential person in African literature today. Things Fall Apart published in 1958, his debut and magnum opus, is a seminal work in African literature and is still the most extensively studied, taught, and read African book. Achebe’s work comprises several short stories, poetry, essay collections, and children’s books in addition to his major novels.

Achebe attended Government College Umuahia, earning a scholarship to pursue medicine, but he switched to University College to study English literature. As a university student, he took interest in global religions and traditional African civilizations, and he began composing stories. Following graduation, he worked for the Nigerian Broadcasting Service. In the late 1950s, he earned international acclaim with his work Things Fall Apart, which had a profound impact on future writing. Achebe authored his books in English and defended the use of English in African literature as a “language of colonisers.”

When the Nigerian government retook the region in 1970, he became active in political parties, but his disgust with the corruption and elitism he observed eventually disillusioned him. He was the David and Marianna Fisher University Professor and Professor of Africana Studies at Brown University from 2009 until his death on 21 March 2013.

Achebe’s work mostly discussed the topics such as Politics, history, culture, and colonialism, as well as masculinity and femininity. His entire impact on African literature is unrivalled to this day. The Chinua Achebe Literary Festival honours his legacy every year.

Who is the narrator of Things Fall Apart audiobook?

The narrator of Things Fall Apart audiobook is Kate Rudd. Other audiobooks that Kate Rudd has also narrated are The Box in the Woods, The Fault in Our Stars, and Wonder.

What is the length of Things Fall Apart audiobook?

The length of Things Fall Apart audiobook is 3 hours and 47 minutes.

When was Things Fall Apart audiobook published?

Brilliance Audio published Things Fall Apart audiobook on 03/22/11.