Think and Grow Rich Audiobook

Think and Grow Rich Audiobook

What is Think and Grow Rich audiobook about?

Think And Grow Rich audiobook is one of the all-time best-selling self-help books. It analyzes the psychological power of thinking and the brain in the act of advancing your profession for financial and personal gain. Think and Grow Rich audiobook is a compilation of advice from over 500 of America’s most successful people. Their observations subsequently distilled into 13 principles, which Hill referred to as an overarching “Philosophy of Achievement.”

Think and Grow Rich audiobook is a collective programming of the mind. It makes use of the ability of the imagination to bring high ambitions and a clear explanation to life. Making an ambition a truth is a difficult endeavour. You will, however, win if you have a strong motive and want to up the stakes. The author proposed a formula of Success as follows:

Success = Desire + Ideas + Plans + Massive Action

The three major ideas from Think and Grow Rich audiobook free are as follows:

  • Desire is the beginning point for every achievement.
  • Your greatest triumph is frequently only one step beyond the point when failure has overwhelmed you.
  • Set your concentration on a specific objective and see how swiftly the universe moves to enable you to succeed.

The secret underlying Think and Grow Rich audiobook free, and the reason it has lasted the test of time is that it is founded on the undeniable reality that it all begins with a thought. Thoughts are extremely strong when they are accompanied by a clear sense of purpose, perseverance, and a deep desire to see them fulfilled in personal wealth.

“You become what you think about”- Napoleon Hill

In other words, you may influence your fate by managing your thoughts. You may begin that wonderful process right now by reading and mastering Napoleon Hill’s renowned 13 success principles.

Who is the author of Think and Grow Rich audiobook?

Napoleon Hill wrote Think and Grow Rich audiobook.

Oliver Napoleon Hill was born on October 26, 1883. He was a self-help writer from the United States. He is most known for his 1937 book Think and Grow Rich, and is one of the top ten best-selling self-help books of all time. Hill’s writings emphasised the need of having high aspirations to improve one’s life. Above all, the majority of his publications promoted reflecting ideas for achieving “success.”

Hill began writing as a “mountain reporter” at the age of 13, originally for his father’s newspaper. Hill finished high school at the age of seventeen and relocated to Tazewell, Virginia, to pursue business school. He also enrolled in law school before dropping out owing to a lack of finances. Later, Hill had claimed the title “Attorney of Law,” even though “there is no record of him having ever rendered legal services for anybody,” according to Hill’s official biography. In addition, Hill moved to Mobile, Alabama, in 1907, and co-founded the Acree-Hill Lumber Company, which got bankrupted and shuttered. After that, he failed several times but eventually established himself as a great writer.

Hill’s best-known work, Think and Grow Rich, published in 1937 and quickly became a best-seller. Over 50 years, the book sold 20 million copies. Hill re-initiated his luxurious lifestyle and acquired a new mansion in Mount Dora, Florida, now that he was wealthy again. Think and Grow Rich described a “secret” to success, but Hill emphasised that readers would gain the greatest if they uncovered it for themselves.

Hill founded the Foundation as a non-profit educational institution whose aim is to spread his leadership, self-motivation, and individual success philosophy. Napoleon Hill died on November 8, 1970, at the age of 87.

Who is the narrator of Think and Grow Rich audiobook?

The narrator of Think and Grow Rich audiobook is Erik Synnestvedt. Other audiobooks that Erik Synnestvedt has also narrated are Built to Sell, The Master Key System, and The Values Factor.

What is the length of Think and Grow Rich audiobook?

The length of Think and Grow Rich audiobook is 9 hours and 35 minutes.

When was Think and Grow Rich audiobook published?

Gildan Media, LLC published Think and Grow Rich audiobook on 10/16/2007.