Think Like a Monk Audiobook

Think Like a Monk Audiobook

What is Think Like a Monk audiobook about?

Think Like a Monk audiobook will inspire and motivate you. It combines old knowledge with the author’s life experiences. The goal of Think Like a Monk audiobook is to assist people in adopting a monk mentality in their daily life. By conquering negative ideas, achieving calm, and generating meaningful purpose. It could be difficult to implement monks’ ideas in modern life. However, the author offers tips and activities for reducing stress, improving self-discipline, attention, and maintaining long-term relationships in today’s world.

Think Like a Monk audiobook, the author outlines two different kinds of values both with varying consequences. He motivates people to strive for greater values like appreciation, kindness, honesty, and empathy. These greater values will provide you with joy, contentment, and purpose. Furthermore, the author advises readers to stay away from lower values. Gluttony, desire, rage, and jealousy are elements of prevalent lower values. Consequently, the result of these lower values is worry, despair, and misery.

Think Like a Monk audiobook free offers the following 6 life lessons:

  • Pay attention to values.
  • Evaluate your life.
  • Find pleasure in the accomplishments of others.
  • Recognize that nothing in life can ever be flawless.

To sum up, Think Like a Monk: Train Your Mind for Peace and Purpose Every Day audiobook free explains how to conquer bad ideas and patterns to find the peace and meaning that people possess. Moreover, he turns abstract concepts into practical guidance and activities that people could do to relieve stress, strengthen bonds, and share the treasures they discover within themselves with the rest of the world.

Who is the author of Think Like a Monk audiobook?

Jay Shetty wrote Think Like a Monk audiobook.

Jay Shetty was born on the 6th of September 1987. He is a British writer, life coach, and former monk. Shetty hosts On Purpose, the Podcast that, has received 64 million subscribers. He discussed psychological wellbeing and, meaning of life on several shows including The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Today.

Shetty encountered a monk, Gauranga Das at his business school. He spent 4 years in India working at businesses and practising with the International Society for Krishna Consciousness while living in an Ashram.

Furthermore, Shetty worked at Accenture at the very start of his career. Subsequently, Arianna Huffington noticed his work and appointed him to create videos for the Huffington Post in NY, where he produced the most-watched Video on Facebook of 2018.

Moreover, in 2017, Shetty was named to Forbes’ European list of 30 Under 30. Shetty was named to the National Geographic Chasing Genius Council in 2017 as well as the Asian Media Awards Best Blog in 2016. In addition, Shetty won prizes at the ITV Asian Media Awards in 2017 and the Streamy Awards in 2018. Shetty received The Asian Awards and the 11th Shorty Awards both in 2019. The NY Times, The Wall Street Journal and Amazon all listed How To Think Like A Monk, his book on their best-seller lists in 2020.

Shetty and Radhi Devlukia, his wife reside in Los Angeles, California.

Who is the narrator of Think Like a Monk audiobook?

The narrator of Think Like a Monk audiobook is Jay Shetty.

What is the length of Think Like a Monk audiobook?

The length of  Think Like a Monk audiobook is 10 hours and 28 minutes.

When was Think Like a Monk audiobook published?

Simon & Schuster Audio published Think Like a Monk audiobook on 09/08/20.