Throne of Glass Audiobook

Throne of Glass Audiobook

What is Throne of Glass audiobook about?

Throne of Glass audiobook is a fictional narrative. Throne of Glass audiobook revolves around a young, powerful lady who is up against impossible circumstances. Celaena was formerly the Adarlan’s Assassin, a legendary assassin who challenged the king as well as gained the title of the world’s fiercest assassin, however was incarcerated after enduring tremendous loss.

In Throne of Glass audiobook, Dorian, the Crown Prince, approached her after a year of her imprisonment and persuades her to accept an agreement.  Celaena decides to put her skills to the trial in a battle for the position of Champion of King against hundreds of competitors.

In Throne of Glass audiobook free, she soon developed close connections with both Dorian and his closest friend, Chaol. Once she gets to the palace, she immediately starts practising to defeat the other competitors while also attempting to conceal her true identity. One after the other, competitors were found dead and seem to be torn apart. Celaena continued to practice against the rivals, particularly Cain, the warrior who appears to be the most difficult of the competitors, and she also tries to figure out what or who is murdering the Champions.

In Throne of Glass audiobook free, the mystery unfolds when Queen Elena’s spirit visited Celaena and insists on winning the title and freeing the palace from the evils that reside within. She tries to decipher the mysteries of Wyrdmarks, mystical inscriptions that she believes are behind the strange deaths of the previous champions. Eventually, she starts to accuse Nehemia of the murders, her investigations lead her to the warrior Cain and a terrifying demon called Ridderak, from which she hardly survives. Celaena gets poisoned before she is about to face Cain in the battle. However, Caelana wins the title of King’s Champion at the end.

Who is the author of Throne of Glass audiobook?

Sarah J. Maas wrote the Throne of Glass audiobook.

Sarah Janet Maas was born on the 5th of March 1986. She is a fiction novelist from the United States. She renowned for her first book series, Throne of Glass, released in 2012, and the second book series, A Court of Thorns and Roses, released in 2015. Furthermore, the series of The  Crescent City is her most recent work. Her works have sold nearly 12 million copies and published in almost thirty-seven different languages to date.

Maas earned her bachelor’s degree in creative writing with a specialization in religious education from Hamilton College in  2008.

Maas wrote her first novel, Throne of Glass at the age of sixteen. She uploaded numerous parts of the book to the website where it quickly became the most popular works. She eventually deleted it from the website as Maas wanted to publish the book. The series has been translated into multiple languages and is accessible in numerous countries. Crown of Midnight, the second novel in the sequel, had been a NY Times best-seller for young adults.

Maas’ next fantasy book, A Court of Thorns and Roses, is a recreation of the conventional Beauty and the Beast. Crescent City, Maas’ third fiction novel, announced in 2018. Bloomsbury published the first novel, House of Earth and Blood in 2020.

Maas married  Josh, whom she met in college. The couple had a son, Taran. Maas resides in Pennsylvania with her family.

Who is the narrator of Throne of Glass audiobook?

The narrator of Throne of Glass audiobook is Elizabeth Evans. Other audiobooks that Elizabeth Evans has also narrated are A Throne of Feathers and Bone, A Court of Honey and Ash, and House of Earth and Blood.

What is the length of Throne of Glass audiobook?

The length of Throne of Glass audiobook is 13 hours and 3 minutes.

When was Throne of Glass audiobook published?

Bloomsbury Publishing Plc published Throne of Glass audiobook on 01/28/2021.