Tudor Audiobook

Tudor Audiobook

What is Tudor: Passion. Manipulation. Murder audiobook about?

In Tudor audiobook, The Tudors are England’s greatest spectacular royals-Henry VIII famously divorced his wife and broke Rome’s Church, while Elizabeth I went on to become history’s greatest English queen. However, It is an even more remarkable kingdom as compared to the one people thought they knew.

Tudor audiobook is a historical tale spanning from 1437 till the first 10 years of the 17th century. Furthermore, it details the kingdom’s emergence and dominance. The author shows the traits, emotions, and interests of both, males and females in the epicentre of England’s brutal political turmoil.

Tudor audiobook is an amazing narrative that begins with Owen Tudor, a charming Welsh commoner. He fell directly in the arms of the British kingdom with a twist and a flip. Tudor audiobook free focuses on the battle of the grandson of Owen, Henry VII and his successors to protect the heir to the throne, as well as the aspirations, affections, and tragedies of the heirs. The Tudors’ worldwide popularity is also based on family narratives: of the love of a mother for her child, of a man who murders his wife, of betrayed siblings, of impulsive romantic entanglements, of jealous cousins, and of an elderly spinster whose descendants seek to hasten her death.

Tudor audiobook free is an exciting novel brimming with political and religious complexity. To sum up, Tudor explores the genuine tale behind the legends, bringing refreshing, interesting insight into this eternally interesting period.

Who is the author of Tudor: Passion. Manipulation. Murder audiobook?

Leanda De Lisle wrote Tudor: Passion. Manipulation. Murder audiobook.

Leanda de Lisle is the bestselling author of Tudor. The Family Story and The Sisters Who Would Be Queen, as well as three more works about the Stuarts and the Tudors. She routinely contributes to Television, radio, as well as a variety of newspapers, such As the Times, guardian newspaper, and spectator.  She is a historian and writer whose primary interest is in the Tudor dynasty.

Leanda de Lisle was born in London. She attended Ascot’s St Mary’s Convent for her education. Furthermore, she earned a bachelor’s degree in history from Somerville College, Oxford, in 1982, and an MBA in 1990, with a research in political marketing. she is married and had 3 kids. she resides in Leicestershire along with her family.

Moreover, Leanda was the inaugural columnist for the magazine, Country Life and now publishes a weekly article for Daily Express. She also works for the Guardian newspaper with a bi-monthly comment and editorial section. Leanda additionally contributes to national newspapers and periodicals regularly. She had also contributed to publications such as the Daily Mail, the Sunday Telegraph, and the New Statesman.

In addition, Leanda is a Tudor historian who has published several works about the time, notably After Elizabeth: The Death of Elizabeth and the Coming of King James that stood at the second position for the Saltire Society Award for the Best Book. Meanwhile, Tudor: The Family Story, published in 2013 was one of the top 10 bestselling biographies. White King: The Tragedy of Charles 1, Leanda’s most recent book, was released in 2018.

Who is the narrator of Tudor: Passion. Manipulation. Murder audiobook?

The narrator of Tudor: Passion. Manipulation. Murder audiobook is Tavia Gilbert. Other audiobooks that Tavia Gilbert has also narrated are A Cuo of Silver Lining, A Fall of Marigolds, and Why the Sky is Blue.

What is the length of Tudor: Passion. Manipulation. Murder audiobook?

The length of Tudor: Passion. Manipulation. Murder audiobook is 16 hours and 22 minutes.

When was Tudor: Passion. Manipulation. Murder audiobook published?

Gildan Media, LLC published Tudor: Passion. Manipulation. Murder audiobook on 03/30/2016.