Wizard’s First Rule Audiobook

Wizard's First Rule Audiobook

What is Wizard’s First Rule audiobook about?

Wizard’s First Rule audiobook is a brilliantly inventive, flawless, and moving fantasy adventure first novel from a series of  The Sword of Truth. Richard Cypher, a forest guide, is the hero of Wizard’s First Rule audiobook. Richard resides in Westland, and that is the only area of the planet that does not possess any magic.

In Wizard’s First Rule audiobook, Richard rescues Kahlan Amnell from four guys. Kahlan has crossed the border and is on the hunt for Wizard. Richard refers her to a trustworthy friend, Zedd.

In Wizard’s First Rule audiobook free, Richard finds that Zedd is not the ordinary guy whom Kahlan is seeking, but instead the wizard. Darken Rahl, a wicked commander, is heading his army towards the Midlands, according to Kahlan. Zedd determines that Richard is the Warrior of Truth and bestows the Sword of Truth upon him. They embark on a quest with each other to defeat Rahl by unlocking the boxes of Orden, mystical artefacts that can provide total control of life. But, owing to a sequence of circumstances, Richard and Kahlan have to pass the border in order to discover the location of Orden’s third box.

Following a series of events, Mord Sith kidnapped and tortured Richard. Richard informs Darken Rahl that perhaps the Book of Counted Shadows, the key to unlocking Orden’s boxes, has been ruined. Richard, on the other hand, confesses to having remembered the guide’s content. He assists the wicked Darken Rahl in order to spare Kahlan’s life. Richard cuts off a critical passage of the guide at the very last moment, culminating in Rahl’s demise. In the end, In Wizard’s First Rule audiobook free, Richard ascends to the position of Rahl, king of the three lands.

Who is the author of Wizard’s First Rule audiobook?

Terry Goodkind wrote  Wizard’s First Rule audiobook.

Terry Lee Goodkind was born on the 11th of January, 1948. He was an author from the United States. He was renowned for the incredible fictional novel The Sword of Truth, and also the modern thriller The Law of Nines, which was published in 2009. The Sword of Truth sequence has sold about 25 million books internationally and has been adapted in multiple languages. It was also made into a tv show that debuted on the 1st of November 2008 and lasted for two years.

Goodkind suffered from dyslexia, had very little interest in education, and thus had no academic advanced education. Due to dyslexia, Goodkind was first discouraged from pursuing a career as a writer. Before becoming an author, Goodkind worked as a cabinetmaker and violin maker, as well as an artist who sold his works in exhibitions. He penned Wizard’s First Rule, his debut novel in 1993, launching his literary career.

Excluding Stone of Tears and Wizard’s First Rule, each one of his works has been on The New York Times Best Seller ranking. Goodkind saw his works as something more than standard fiction due to their emphasis on intellectual and humanitarian concerns. Ayn Rand’s writings and Objectivist ideology impacted Goodkind. He participated in amateur and car racing, and he owned and operated his Racing team.

Goodkind passed away on the 17th of September, 2020. The reason for death is unknown.

Who is the narrator of  Wizard’s First Rule audiobook?

The narrator of  Wizard’s First Rule audiobook is Sam Tsoutsouvas. Other audiobooks that Sam Tsoutsouvas has also narrated are The Third Kingdom, The Omen Machine, and Bobby Fischer Goes to War.

What is the length of  Wizard’s First Rule audiobook?

The length of  Wizard’s First Rule audiobook is 34 hours and 6 minutes.

When was  Wizard’s First Rule audiobook published?

Brilliance Audio published  Wizard’s First Rule audiobook on 10/15/2008.