Wolf of Wessex Audiobook

Wolf of Wessex Audiobook

What is the Wolf of Wessex audiobook about?

Wolf of Wessex audiobook is centred around Dunston and Aedwen. Dunston is simply a guy with a shady history. Aedwen, on the other hand, is an orphan girl. Aedwen encountered Dunston, and they embarked on a quest to uncover the killer of her father. The Wolf of Wessex audiobook is a dramatic divergence, while it has most of the fundamental characteristics that a good storyline should have.

In Wolf of Wessex audiobook, Dunston, the protagonist, was a warrior. He used to be a famous warrior, but now he lives as a recluse down in the Wessex woodlands, spending his existence solely with Odin, his dog. If he hadn’t been driven again into action after he uncovers the dead body of the ruthlessly murdered trader, his life may have proceeded in this manner. Aedwen, the daughter of the dead man is found hiding from Dunston shortly after.

In Wolf of Wessex audiobook free, as Dunston struggles to decide whether to retire once again or to accept the challenge, the unusual duo creates a friendship that builds steadily. Obviously, as a warrior, he could only choose one choice. Dunston and Aedwen trek across the rugged Wessex countryside, losing Odin along the journey, eventually uncovering those who murdered her father. Dunston would have to rely on his survival abilities honed during his entire life in the woods. And if they are to succeed against the unforgiving foes on their journey, he will have to face the past secrets that he buried a long time ago, resurrecting the person he used to be and accepting attributes he had swore he will never embrace again. There are a lot of interesting characters In Wolf of Wessex audiobook free. The conclusion is exciting as well as rewarding.

Who is the author of the Wolf of Wessex audiobook?

Matthew Harffy wrote the Wolf of Wessex audiobook.

Matthew Harffy is a famous author. His series of The Bernicia Chronicles set during 17th century Britain is very popular. THE SERPENT SWORD is the very first, a coming of age and revenge story. His popular books include THE CROSS AND THE CURSE, KILLER OF KINGS, BLOOD AND BLADE, WARRIOR OF WODEN, FORTRESS OF FURY and STORM OF STEEL.

Wolf of Wessex, his adventure novel set in the 19th century, is released in the year 2019. A TIME FOR SWORDS is the first book in his new series. It tells the storey of Hunlaf who is a monk and refuses to turn to any other way when Norse raiders attacked his convent in the year 793.

In his childhood, Matthew Harffy resided in Northumberland, which had a profound influence on him. Destroyed castles, harsh terrain, as well as a sandy coastline really made it simple to envisage life in the past. A documentary film about Northumbria’s Golden Age laid the foundation for the novel of historical fiction series decades later.

Matthew has worked in a variety of settings. He’d previously served in the field of Information Technology. There he spent his days composing and editing, but not on the topics that piqued his interest.

Matthew previously served as a professional English teacher as well as a translator in Spain. He has also authored numerous academic papers on various topics. He and his wife, as well as his two daughters, reside in Wiltshire, England.

Who is the narrator of the Wolf of Wessex audiobook?

The narrator of the Wolf of Wessex audiobook is Barnaby Edwards. Other audiobooks that Barnaby Edwards has also narrated are A Time for Swords, Twilight of the Idols and The Antichrist, and The Day the Nazis Came.

What is the length of the Wolf of Wessex audiobook?

The length of the Wolf of Wessex audiobook is 10 hours and 43 minutes.

When was the Wolf of Wessex audiobook published?

W. F. Howes Ltd published the Wolf of Wessex audiobook on 03/05/2020.